The Whispering Tree

by Monica Safin Fedak        ISBN: 978-1-7326216-0-2

Join a young boy on his journey to discover the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer in The Whispering Tree, by Monica Safin Fedak. Early in the spring, the boy discovers that the natural world is a fun and inspiring place to play and spend his time. While observing the intricacies of nature, he expands his imagination in ways such seeing the clouds as more than clouds and imaging the intentions of the insects he discovers.

Inspired by a love for nature, The Whispering Tree aims to encourage children’s imagination and desire to play outdoor as nature offers a rich sensory experience that is ideal to promote healthy mental and physical development for young children. Each page of the story was individually crafted using acrylic backgrounds and hand sculpted clay figures with mixed media details.  With the turn of each page, the scenery shifts slightly as nature is constantly evolving with each gust of wind.

Starting in late spring, and ending the following spring, the little boy’s journey continues through each season, discovering unique attributes throughout. From sunny skies to changing leaves and even to snow, the little boy continues to use his imagination to discover all that nature has to offer. Finally, the young boy shares his favorite outdoor place with his little sister, sharing a special sibling moment full of love.

To order a copy of this book, please request it through your local bookstore, through your favorite booksellers, or order your siged copy HERE!

The Legend of the Morchella

By Monica Safin Fedak

Discover the legend behind the morel, one of the world’s most beloved mushrooms, in this original tale. Each spring, tiny woodland elves, known as the Morchella, are responsible for the growth and cultivation of morel mushrooms. 

However, another clan of elves, much more devious than the Morchella, try to steal their mushroom spores and magic. The Legend of the Morchella reveals the mystery behind this highly sought-after mushroom. 

Mushroom hunters young and old will appreciate the photographs in this story that feature the forests of northern Michigan and some of the morels that grow there. Clay animation characters in the natural world bring this unique story to life, allowing children to contemplate the secrets of the forest. 

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